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Roofing your home or commercial premises can be a daunting task. Roofing is an investment that requires planning for its long-term viability. Roofs are often the most neglected part of any property, yet they have some of the highest maintenance costs and can cause significant damage if not repaired in time. Roof leaks can cause damage to the inside of your home and also lead to mold growth. Roofing is a complex process that requires professional inspection by an expert Roofer who understands all types of roofing materials, from asphalt shingle roofs to metal roofs.

Advosy Roofing has been serving as Nevada’s premier roofer for over 20 years. We offer roof installation services in Sunrise Manor, NV, and surrounding areas such as New Mexico, Nevada, or Arizona. Whether you need routine repairs for a specific type of roof or complete overhauls from skilled roofing contractors in Sunrise Manor, NV, we are the right professionals for the job. Call us today for;

  • Roof inspection 
  • Roof repair
  • Roof installation
  • Roof maintenance
  • Commercial/industry roofing 
  • Church/ religious roofing

A roof inspection is the first step in evaluating roof conditions. Roofing problems can be caused by wind, hail, tree limbs, and other natural disasters such as storms and flood damage. Roofs need to be inspected for any damage due to these reasons not visible from a building’s exterior.


Quality Shingle Roofing in Sunrise Manor

Asphalt Shingles are the most popular and best roofing material in America today. They are also known as composite shingles or roof shingles. Compared to other roofing options, shingle roofing is durable, cost-effective, and lasts for life – asphalt roofs also look great due to their variety of colors that can go with any home design style you want. And not all folks know this: Asphalt roofs come fully guaranteed for your lifetime’s peace of mind from defects like cracking or curling up under heavy snow loadings.

Advosy Roofing is your one-stop shop when it comes to shingle roofing. Whether you need new shingle roof installation, maintenance, or repair services for a leaky house’s current roof, we have the experts and high-quality materials needed for each circumstance. Our talented contractors will make sure that every job gets done right the first time.

Whether you have old roofing or recently had work done, routine maintenance will continue throughout its lifespan. Our contractors provide both ongoing repairs and preventive measures that ensure they stay protected against wear-and-tear indefinitely into the future. Hence, there’s no need to fret when thinking ahead.

Premium Tile Roofing in Sunrise Manor

Tile roofs are highly rated in America for their durability and aesthetic appeal. Whether you are looking for clay, ceramic, concrete, or slate tiles, the styles range from sleek to rustic depending on your preference; Advosy’s Sunrise Manor Roofers will provide any type that best suits your preference home or business needs.


In the long run, a tile roof can be costlier than other types of roofs. They are more susceptible to water damage and wear as time passes without maintenance or repair work done on it.

With our professional tile roofing installation services, you’ll be able to find the right shade and style for your home or business. 

Tile Roof Installation


Fantastic Foam Roofing in Sunrise Manor

Foam roofing can be a great option for property owners looking to extend the life of their roofs. Roofing made from foam will resist wind, ice dams, and snow loads, making it a fantastic choice for commercial or industrial properties with flat roofs. If you are thinking about installing a foam roof for your Sunrise Manor home, look no further than Advosy Roofing. 

We are the premier provider for commercial construction services in Greater New Mexico, Nevada, and Arizona. Our experienced team will ensure that you have the right solutions to get any project done on time with a quality finished product.

Exceptional Commercial Roofing in Sunrise Manor

Roofing commercial or industrial premises can be a real challenge. Roofs in these buildings are often much larger than average residential properties and can have up to three different roofing materials. Roofers need knowledge, experience, skill, and attention to detail if they want their business premises roof safe for the people who occupy them every day.

Advosy Roofing is not just another commercial/industrial roofer company – we take our work seriously with proven expertise, which guarantees that your industrial or commercial property will be looked after by certified professionals who know how best to care for it and keep it structurally sound. We provide Roof inspection services, Roof repair service, Roof installation services, and Roof maintenance solutions, so you don’t have any hidden surprises when it’s time for an insurance claim.

We are Roofers with a difference. Call us for quality commercial roofing in Sunrise Manor, NV.

Proficient Church Roofing in Sunrise Manor

Understanding the intricacies involved in church roofing, our team at Advosy is only too happy to provide a solution. Church roofs are intricate as they possess steeples, concealed gutters and parapets. Advosy church Sunrise Manor roofing contractors use materials that other workers may not be trained in; the installation process needs to stay within budget, or it will have a lasting effect on your home for years to come. As part of their lifetime investment, these structures need specific care while staying hidden from view with minimal disruption during construction time. Since you want quality work done by experienced professionals, we recommend hiring our professional team at Advosy Roofers who can get any job just right!

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